He develops prototypes of urban and social innovations with participation. Haris Biskos at Art & Tech Conference

A Greek urbanist and architect, Haris Biskos, will be the speaker at the conference, and you can listen to his talk ONLINE on 25th November. 

He has worked as an architect and urbanist in Athens for ten years, but lately, he has focused on social innovations development. A platform for their testing is the capital city, which faces the challenges such as neglected public space, distrust of citizens towards self-government, poverty, or migration. 

Haris says: “Social innovations are not about buildings. They are about looking for new ways to use the collective intelligence of our society and develop an innovation that will be the answer to social challenges. It is something that people create for people. 

He has decided to share his experience with other cities, which, thanks to the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) initiative by the European Commission, develop and test innovative solutions. He visited Slovakia as a UIA expert to see the progress of the project Košice 2.0.

What he appreciates about Košice is how the city still profits from the times when it was the European Capital of Culture and uses this valuable experience in its further development.  

He considers climate change, migration, and pandemic Covid-19 as challenges that many cities worldwide need to face, but at the same time, they create a space for innovations. He says cities need to minimize their negative effect on the environment, hoping it is not too late already.

Art & Tech Conference will be held online on November 25th. 

Tickets: https://bit.ly/ATDConference_online